A C Whalan & Co have over 25 years experience in the Ventilation game. We manufacture and supply a wide range of both positive & negative ventilation products. Light weight FRP FRAS, Sprial Welded Gal Steel, Flexi-duct, Bratice & Vent Bag.

MAXIFLOW MV Ventilation Ducting is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to underground mining & tunneling ventilation,   it offers:

  • High Quality DPI FRAS approval & certification (copies available upon request)
  • Longer life due to high impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistant in harsh environments
  • Lightweight and high strength to meet the needs of high capacity fans & long runs. (Up to 30% lighter & 25% stronger than other standard FRP products)
  • Lowest resistance compared to other materials, typically a K factor of 0.0025
  • Virtually nil leakage when used with Rubber jointing bands, standard and velcro available in various widths.
  • Greater visibility improves safety and product life
  • Carrying and lifting handles standard
  •  Ongoing product development for long term benefits to mining companies
  • Extra end reinforcement for longer life, damage protection and a safer product, minimising the risk of Hand Injuries.
  • Maxiflow MV is tested so you are assured it will perform to your expectation whilst in operation